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9 Quick Tips And Tricks To Help You Find The Best Diamonds Online

Diamonds Online

No ring is complete without a beautiful diamond adorning it. Whether it is an anniversary band or an engagement ring, a diamond is what truly makes it sparkle. 

And as beautiful as they are, diamonds shopping can also cost a very pretty penny. So if you would like to get a proper bang for your buck, you need to make sure you follow this step-by-step guide. This way, you can get the best of beauty and brilliance within your budget!

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Step #1: Decide The Shape Of Your Diamond

The first and foremost decision you need to take is regarding the shape of your diamond. Most diamonds online come in several shapes and sizes, including:

  • Round
  • Princess
  • Oval
  • Marquise
  • Pear
  • Cushion
  • Emerald, and so on.

No matter what shape you opt for your ring, this will be the starting point for your design. The most popular diamond purchase for an engagement ring is round, as it gives off the most luster and radiance. 

However, some prefer the oval shape or the cushion. If you are unsure about the form, talk to an expert and your partner to see which they like the best.

Step #2 Decide On The Carat Weight

The carat weight you decide will affect your ring’s design’s final look and feel. This, too, is based on your partner’s preferences. Do they want the ring to look big and bold, or do they want something minimalistic?

Other than the looks of the ring, carat weight will also affect the price. The more the weight, the higher the price!

Step #3 Decide The Cut Quality

The next factor you need to look at is the cut quality of the diamond. Similar to the carat weight, the cut quality also impacts the beauty of a diamond.

While cut grades are inconsistent with different, it is always best to opt for the “Ideal cut or Excellent cut grade diamonds.” This way, you can get a diamond of pristine quality and condition!

Step #4 Decide On A Color Grade Range

Next up is the color grade range of diamonds. The reason why people love diamonds is because of their sparkly white color. So, if you are looking for a diamond ring, your goal should be to buy one of transparent colors.

However, the most transparent diamonds have a D or E grading, which can cost a lot of money. However, diamonds between the G and I range are also reasonably clear while also fitting the budget.

Step #5 Decide The Clarity Grade 

As mentioned earlier, people love diamonds for their crystal clear appearance. To ensure your partner loves the ring, you need to find an “eye-clean” diamond. This means you should not be able to see any blemishes, dirt, or dust with your naked eye.

Based on the shape of the diamond, eye-clean diamonds can be found within the VS1–VS2 range while also staying within the budget. 

Step #6 Compare And Contrast Between Similar Diamonds

By this point in time, you may have already zeroed in the last few options. So now do a quick compare and contrast between the different diamonds. Take into consideration their brilliance, price, carat weight, eye-clean factor, etc., to identify the best diamond for you.

You can also consider other exciting features like symmetry, polish, and fluorescence to check the diamond’s actual value.

Step #7 Get The Official Certificate

 If you want the best diamonds to buy in loose, make sure to look for AGS and GIA Certified Diamonds only. 

If you come across any HRD, EGL, or IGI Certified Diamonds, steer clear of them as they are very unreliable and inconsistent with their grading.

Step #8 Talk To The Experts

Before you decide to make the final decision in the best place to buy diamonds online, talk to an expert to get their opinion on your choices. These skilled individuals will closely look at your diamond and design to see how well they work together. 

You will have more faith in your purchase by getting an expert’s opinion.

Step #9 Time To Checkout!

Once you have received the expert’s opinion on your ring, it’s time to seal the deal on the ring of your choice! The good news is that most online stores also come with an easy 30-day return offer if your partner is not satisfied.

This makes it easier to make a confident purchase from online diamond stores. 

Wrapping Up

Buying a diamond to bedazzle a ring might not be rocket science. However, it does require a lot of research and analysis. This is because diamonds generally come with a heft price tag. So if you want to get your money’s worth on rough diamond prices 2021, make sure to keep these points in mind. This way, you can find the best diamond for your budget in no time!