Know Your Diamond's Story From Mine to Ring

Polished Diamond

About The Birth of Your Diamond

We are a dedicated diamond manufacturing company that believes that every diamond deserves its own transformational story. We take the rough diamond from the ground, and make it into a beautiful, polished diamond placed into a ring; your ring.

Our Process Will Impress You

From The Start

From the start that is the mining story after the volcanic deposits. We will provide you with a rough diamond for your budget. Most rough diamonds will yield 2 or more gorgeous, polished diamonds. All of our rough diamonds are mined in conflict-free areas and have the International KPC certification.


Planning all of the options and shapes. There many options with how to cut a diamond. We will take you into the process if the diamond should be a round stone or pair shape, heart shape or cushion shape. We will also walk you through our suggestions on which piece should be a larger stone, or a smaller stone.


After the planning is complete, we are finally at the polishing stage. We offer you and your partner the experience of the first facet polished on the diamond.

Finished Diamond

After a few weeks, we will submit the diamonds to GIA laboratory for certification.


You will get to keep all these fascinating moments throughout the journey of your diamond. You'll get a beautiful book with all photos, and a courtesy video will provided through a web link.

Be involved in your diamond’s transformation from the Mine to the Ring

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