Benefits of Certified Loose Diamond and Why Should I Buy A Certified Diamond?

Diamonds are indeed a significant investment, and it is best to buy them wisely after putting in a lot of thought. However, just choosing the diamond wisely won’t help if it is not certified.  Certified loose diamonds come with a grading certificate that tells you about the quality of the diamond. Hence, you can be […]

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Shopping For Diamond Carats In The Rough

Diamonds are jewels that twinkle. They are shimmery and glistening. You might have wondered about the best diamonds to buy in the rough, isn’t it? You can buy diamond of the highest quality online if you know what to look for. However, you might be perplexed as to how to buy diamonds online, isn’t it? […]

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Knowing the 4 “C”’s When Diamond Shopping

Are you looking to purchase diamonds for your loved one? But, you’re not sure what to tick off your checklist to buy the perfect diamonds?  Well, then you’re at the right place. Diamond purchase can be tricky, especially when it’s your first time.  A number of people may have told you what a good-quality diamond […]

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Diamonds Online

9 Quick Tips And Tricks To Help You Find The Best Diamonds Online

No ring is complete without a beautiful diamond adorning it. Whether it is an anniversary band or an engagement ring, a diamond is what truly makes it sparkle.  And as beautiful as they are, diamonds shopping can also cost a very pretty penny. So if you would like to get a proper bang for your buck, you […]

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The Manufacturing Process – Cutting And Polishing The Diamond To Perfection

You see a piece of jewelry with diamonds embedded in it. You’re instantly drawn towards its magnificence of beauty. You see, diamond is the standard of perfection and brilliance simultaneously.  It takes more than just finding the piece of carbon to give the value you see in it. To bring out the best, a diamond […]

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Diamong Birth vs. Color

Diamond Color Vs. Clarity – Which Is More Important?

If you’re at the store to buy a diamond for the very first time, you’d probably run by some research. You may be fixed on a particular shape of diamond or know well about the settings you’d want on your diamond. In fact, you might be fixated on the color vs. clarity round diamond dilemma when you […]

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