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Shopping For Diamond Carats In The Rough

Diamonds are jewels that twinkle. They are shimmery and glistening. You might have wondered about the best diamonds to buy in the rough, isn’t it? You can buy diamond of the highest quality online if you know what to look for. However, you might be perplexed as to how to buy diamonds online, isn’t it?

Fret not; this blog will give you tips on how to go about a rough diamond purchase. You will know the pointers you need to bear in mind when purchasing rough and uncut diamonds. So read on to know everything about diamonds shopping online and get yourself a wise investment. 

What Are Rough Diamonds?

Rough diamonds are natural, raw, and uncut. These are removed directly from the earth, and to the untrained eye, they look like a shard of glass. You get a rough diamond in various colors and cuts. 

Further, rough diamonds are less costly, and you can make beautiful engagement rings with these diamonds. You merely design your ring according to the shape of the rough diamond. Rough diamonds are ones you can saw, bruit, polish, and inspect for creating a gemstone. Essentially, rough diamonds are moldable into anything you want them to be. 

Often investing in a rough diamond is a good idea due to the options it gives you. Plus, you’ll find it cheaper to buy a rough diamond as a businessperson. 

How To Buy Rough Diamonds?

Buying rough diamonds online or anyone can be quite a risky business. Generally, it is difficult to make out whether what you are buying is diamond indeed. So, you need to carefully consider the below before diving in and purchasing rough diamonds. 


The clarity of the raw diamond is not flawless. It often comes with inclusions, impurities, and unseen cuts. You need to examine it closely to see the flaws. 

If the rough diamond has more flaws, the cost will be less. In contrast, a flawless rough diamond that is clear without any inclusions or impurities will probably be more expensive than even a polished diamond. 


The cut is the shape of a rough diamond. Rough diamonds are generally natural in shape and cut. You’ll need to apply the due process to get to the gemstone stage. So, suppose you get a rough diamond that is irregularly shaped and requires more cutting. You’ll be able to get it at a steal. 

In contrast, a ready shape that is easily moldable will cost more. So, consider the cut and shape when you purchase a rough diamond. If you look to save money, go for an irregularly shaped rough diamond. 


Carat is what determines the weight of the diamonds. It would be ideal to bear in mind that 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams. You get rough diamonds for ½ carat, ¾ carat, 1 carat, and more. 

Generally, the more the carat, the higher the price tag of the rough diamond. However, it also depends on the quality of the diamond. So, if you have a small-sized ½ carat diamond that is clear and free of impurities, it will cost more than an impure rough diamond of a higher carat. 

Diamond Strength

You need to examine the strength of rough diamond buying. Often if the uncut diamond has impurities or unseen crack, the diamond might likely break. You want to ensure there are no impurities or cracks in the diamond; otherwise, it will prove to be a weak diamond. 

Buy From Trusted Vendors 

When you buy rough diamonds online, research your vendors thoroughly. Ensure they give you all the information regarding the rough diamond accurately and transparently. Look for a GIA certification for your vendor and ensure they will certify your diamond. Plus, the vendor should be trustworthy and reliable and offer you excellent service. 

In case you want to upgrade or you change your mind regarding your rough diamond purchase, you must be able to get your money back. 


Rough diamonds are raw uncut diamonds of a certain weight. The carats determine the weight of the diamond and give you an understanding of the value of the diamond. Apart from the carat, you need to examine the clarity, cut, color and price before you dive into investing in diamonds. Plus, you must ensure you buy from trusted vendors like Diamond Birth.

Diamond Birth has GIA-certified diamonds that will help you tell your story. They will take rough diamonds from the ground and make them into beautiful, polished diamonds. Plus, they let you buy a rough uncut diamond in your budget.  So, follow the tips in this blog and buy diamonds online.

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Knowing the 4 “C”’s When Diamond Shopping

Are you looking to purchase diamonds for your loved one? But, you’re not sure what to tick off your checklist to buy the perfect diamonds? 

Well, then you’re at the right place. Diamond purchase can be tricky, especially when it’s your first time. 

A number of people may have told you what a good-quality diamond should look like, and all these different suggestions are bound to confuse you. 

However, you need not worry as there is a universal rule that will make your job easier. This rule refers to adhering and looking out for the four “C”‘s when shopping for diamonds. 

Here is what each of the four “C”’s stand for and what makes them essential to consider while shopping for diamonds:


A diamond’s cut is one of its most essential qualities that directly decide how the diamond will shine. 

The cut of the diamond basically refers to the way in which it has been cut. This process requires a lot of patience and skill to produce a sparkling masterpiece. 

If the cut of the diamond is not up to the mark, the purpose of the diamond itself is lost. A poor cut gives you a diamond with no sparkle even when light touches its surface. Hence, the end product will be a very dull-looking piece of jewelry.

Usually, the cut of the diamond is classified under the following categories: 

  • Excellent
  • Very good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

If you’re looking to buy diamonds online, you should only buy them from a place that has certified diamonds for sale. These stores have a range of diamonds with different cut grades from which you can choose the best-cut diamond.


The color of the diamond is its next quality determining factor. You may be wondering how diamonds are available in different colors. Well, most diamonds have light color to them when viewed closely. 

The cut of the diamond also has the ability to reduce or increase the expression of this color. Diamonds are categorized under different letters from D to Z based on their color. 

D constitutes those diamonds that have absolutely no color, and Z comprises those diamonds that have an appreciable amount of color, such as yellow or brown. However, these shades are very light.

To choose a diamond of good quality, the diamond should fall under the color categories ranging from D to J. Anything more than this category involves slightly colored diamonds, with the color slowly becoming more prominent towards the Z category. 

Based on personal preferences, people may choose to buy colorless or colored diamonds.


Whenever anyone draws a picture of a diamond, you will notice that the image includes distinct lines within the diamond, and these lines are known as inclusions. 

In a diamond with a high grade of clarity, you will not be able to see these inclusions very clearly, hence indicating a good-quality diamond.

The best website to buy diamonds will always display the clarity of the diamond to help their customers clearly see if any visible inclusions are present or not.

These inclusions occur naturally, and their presence lowers the sparkle of the diamond. When inclusions are present in the diamond, the diamond is unable to adequately reflect the light that falls on its surface. 

Hence, the end product in such a case is a very dull-looking diamond. As these inclusions are in-built and there is very little that one can do to remove them, getting a diamond with little to no inclusions is pure luck. 

Therefore, you must check any diamond’s clarity and presence of inclusions before you finally decide to purchase it. 


A diamond’s carat basically refers to the weight of the diamond. Many people get confused between the size of the diamond and the diamond carat. 

It is important to note that the diamond carat is very different from the size of the diamond. The greater the carat of the diamond, the greater its price will be. 

One carat is approximately equivalent to about two hundred milligrams. Though this value may be small, if the diamond has a good-quality cut, it will automatically look more beautiful than a diamond of heavier carat with no good cut.

So, while the diamond carat is definitely an essential element that helps you choose a high-quality diamond, you should give it preference only after the cut of the diamond when you go diamonds shopping. 

Final Words

The four “C”’s of diamond shopping are hence simple qualities of a diamond that help you choose the perfect diamond. 

The best place to get diamonds is from a store that actively prioritizes the four “C”’s of diamond shopping. In this way, you will know for sure that the store has good-quality diamonds with the essential qualities. 

While the four “C”’s are simple tools that help you with your decision, it is not necessary to religiously abide by these factors. Based on your choices and likes, you can choose and buy the best diamonds!

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9 Quick Tips And Tricks To Help You Find The Best Diamonds Online

Diamonds Online

No ring is complete without a beautiful diamond adorning it. Whether it is an anniversary band or an engagement ring, a diamond is what truly makes it sparkle. 

And as beautiful as they are, diamonds shopping can also cost a very pretty penny. So if you would like to get a proper bang for your buck, you need to make sure you follow this step-by-step guide. This way, you can get the best of beauty and brilliance within your budget!

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Step #1: Decide The Shape Of Your Diamond

The first and foremost decision you need to take is regarding the shape of your diamond. Most diamonds online come in several shapes and sizes, including:

  • Round
  • Princess
  • Oval
  • Marquise
  • Pear
  • Cushion
  • Emerald, and so on.

No matter what shape you opt for your ring, this will be the starting point for your design. The most popular diamond purchase for an engagement ring is round, as it gives off the most luster and radiance. 

However, some prefer the oval shape or the cushion. If you are unsure about the form, talk to an expert and your partner to see which they like the best.

Step #2 Decide On The Carat Weight

The carat weight you decide will affect your ring’s design’s final look and feel. This, too, is based on your partner’s preferences. Do they want the ring to look big and bold, or do they want something minimalistic?

Other than the looks of the ring, carat weight will also affect the price. The more the weight, the higher the price!

Step #3 Decide The Cut Quality

The next factor you need to look at is the cut quality of the diamond. Similar to the carat weight, the cut quality also impacts the beauty of a diamond.

While cut grades are inconsistent with different, it is always best to opt for the “Ideal cut or Excellent cut grade diamonds.” This way, you can get a diamond of pristine quality and condition!

Step #4 Decide On A Color Grade Range

Next up is the color grade range of diamonds. The reason why people love diamonds is because of their sparkly white color. So, if you are looking for a diamond ring, your goal should be to buy one of transparent colors.

However, the most transparent diamonds have a D or E grading, which can cost a lot of money. However, diamonds between the G and I range are also reasonably clear while also fitting the budget.

Step #5 Decide The Clarity Grade 

As mentioned earlier, people love diamonds for their crystal clear appearance. To ensure your partner loves the ring, you need to find an “eye-clean” diamond. This means you should not be able to see any blemishes, dirt, or dust with your naked eye.

Based on the shape of the diamond, eye-clean diamonds can be found within the VS1–VS2 range while also staying within the budget. 

Step #6 Compare And Contrast Between Similar Diamonds

By this point in time, you may have already zeroed in the last few options. So now do a quick compare and contrast between the different diamonds. Take into consideration their brilliance, price, carat weight, eye-clean factor, etc., to identify the best diamond for you.

You can also consider other exciting features like symmetry, polish, and fluorescence to check the diamond’s actual value.

Step #7 Get The Official Certificate

 If you want the best diamonds to buy in loose, make sure to look for AGS and GIA Certified Diamonds only. 

If you come across any HRD, EGL, or IGI Certified Diamonds, steer clear of them as they are very unreliable and inconsistent with their grading.

Step #8 Talk To The Experts

Before you decide to make the final decision in the best place to buy diamonds online, talk to an expert to get their opinion on your choices. These skilled individuals will closely look at your diamond and design to see how well they work together. 

You will have more faith in your purchase by getting an expert’s opinion.

Step #9 Time To Checkout!

Once you have received the expert’s opinion on your ring, it’s time to seal the deal on the ring of your choice! The good news is that most online stores also come with an easy 30-day return offer if your partner is not satisfied.

This makes it easier to make a confident purchase from online diamond stores. 

Wrapping Up

Buying a diamond to bedazzle a ring might not be rocket science. However, it does require a lot of research and analysis. This is because diamonds generally come with a heft price tag. So if you want to get your money’s worth on rough diamond prices 2021, make sure to keep these points in mind. This way, you can find the best diamond for your budget in no time!